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Introducing HER HEALTH®

Her Health is a business development and content marketing solution that helps hospitals
connect with the fastest-growing patient population : Women age 45 – 64

With an annual value of $10M in hospital revenue,
midlife women are a significant – and often overlooked – market.

Her Health was created for hospitals by women’s health management consultant Dr. Vicki Lucas
and health content publisher Baldwin Publishing.

Her Health is a powerful way to reach a powerful population.

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Why she's the $10 million woman

At midlife women need these surgeries and screening. Download this infographic to see her value to your bottom line.

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Traditional women’s health campaigns focus on pregnancy and menopause. But when we looked at actual hospital statistics, what we found was astounding.

Women age 45-64 account for:
  • 45% of cardiac patients
  • 60% of neuro patients
  • 55% of orthopedic patients
  • 52% of cancer patients
  • 100% of urogynecology patients
And those numbers are going up.
These same women also make over 85% of all healthcare decisions in their households – for themselves, for their partners, for their families.
Why do you want to reach these women online?
  • They are the fastest-growing patient population.
  • They use your most profitable services more than men.
  • They are worth $10M in untapped revenue for your hospital each year.
  • They use the internet when they’re looking for health information.

Her Health gets it done

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    Make a plan

    Good intentions are admirable; good planning is profitable. We start by discussing your key service lines and patient acquisition goals. Then Vicki Lucas, the market leader in women’s health strategic planning and business development, creates a custom business plan for your hospital that includes a strategy to increase patient volume and revenue for services used by midlife women.

    Create and execute

    Baldwin Publishing creates unique content and a multi-channel execution strategy to help you meet your goals. Our robust, engaging content is curated specifically to grab the attention of midlife women. We’re talking BIG images, shareable videos, interactive quizzes, healthy recipes – and loads of valuable information. The content provides exposure through websites, social media, newsletters and email.

    Track the results

    A marketing campaign is only as good as its ROI. Her Health looks ROI in the eye by tracking real patient data back to the source. We measure engagement, count CTA conversions and provide analytics so you’ll see where people are coming from. With quantifiable information, you can better nurture leads, track strategy effectiveness and analyze how it affects patient and service line growth.

  • Toni Donina

    Toni Donina started Baldwin Publishing 25 years ago, recognizing the value to hospitals in promoting mammography. The custom hospital newsletters she developed, with a circulation of over 10 million, evolved into a robust digital content powerhouse that has generated hundreds of millions of online clicks – all of them to hospital websites. Toni has unique insight into what midlife women want to know and how they want information delivered. She is dedicated to creating high-quality content that is engaging, useful and relevant. Her content marketing strategy is grounded in her multimedia experience as a CBS News correspondent, Associated Press editor and pharmaceutical marketing executive. Toni’s expertise, supported by her seasoned Baldwin Publishing team, has helped more than 600 hospitals educate, attract and retain patients.

    Vicki Lucas

    Dr. Vicki Lucas is the market leader in Women’s Health strategic planning and business development. During the last 25 years, Vicki has helped over 300 clients, ranging from academic medical centers and large HMOs to community hospitals and multi-specialty practices. Vicki was the VP of Women’s Services for two large health systems and has served on the boards of the AHA Maternal Child Governing Council and International Congress on Women’s Health. She was an advisor to HHS, Office of Women’s Health, FDA, VA, NIH and CDC. Vicki Lucas, LLC maintains the largest proprietary women’s health database in the U.S. including financial, qualitative, productivity and clinical benchmarks. As a pioneer in women’s service line development, Vicki identifies business opportunities for hospitals looking to grow their patient and revenue base.

    Her Health is a strategic partnership between Baldwin Publishing, Inc. and Vicki Lucas, LLC

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Her Health® helps women find your hospital
when they’re looking for the information they need.


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